Dijo el sabio

"You can´t go forcing something if it´s just not right..."

(Billie Joe Armstrong - Green Day)

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Groupie dijo...

"Let's go Billie Joe"
(a guy in Nice Guys Finish Last video)

Billie es un grosso

"When I was younger I thought that the world circled around me
but in time I realised I was wrong.
My immortal thoughts turned into just dreams
of a dead future
it was a tragic case of my reality.
Do you think you're indestructable and no one can touch you?
Well I think
you're disposable and it's time you knew the truth...
Cuz it's just one of my lies"

("One of My Lies" - Green Day)

Lalu dijo...

"I´ve been waiting a long time
for this moment to come
I´m destined
for anything at all"

Waiting -

(muy bien ahi con Kerplunk Grupiiii!!!)

Rodesia dijo...

sí, claro

no entendí nada!


Groupie dijo...

Aguante Kerplunk y Dominated Love Slave!